I am a Reportage Wedding Photographer, so I will be among your guests, capturing their natural emotions and actions. For me, a real moment beats a scenic photograph a hundred times.

a born dreamer

I am a born dreamer! so much that i have engraved this sentence on a part of my body.  my photographic style is reportage, influenced by creative and documentary photography. i am a very sensitive person, one of those who get excited when there is a gesture of tenderness or while a guest dedicates a few words with a letter to the newlyweds. i like to emotionally involve my couple’s love stories and that my presence is discreet in a way to hit some moments that may be unique. it’s easy for me to be well hidden so you will find me among your guests, taking their natural emotions and actions.




In truth we did not expect such a service. You surpassed yourself, I was really at ease with the whole team. Very professional, we received compliments from all the guests. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations


For our wedding we could not have chosen a better photographer, all with attention to the smallest details, very high quality, an exceptional staff, all very kind. ... I would have chosen for another 1000 times !!!


We had a wonderful day, despite the rain that unfortunately can stay there in December! They were all very good and very nice, I must say that I felt very comfortable in the role of bride, even if I don't like being photographed. She captured spectacularity and excellent photo quality. They managed to capture the most beautiful moments naturally and without forcing. What can I say, now I do not give them up anymore, they are a guarantee !!!


Per un giorno così importante è fondamentale affidarsi a professionisti seri e competenti. Non potevamo fare scelta migliore, Giuseppe è stato impeccabile dall'inizio alla fine, è stato disponibile, paziente e bravissimo a immortalare i momenti del nostro matrimonio. Il video pubblicato in sala e le foto pubblicate nei giorni successivi alla cerimonia hanno saputo emozionare noi sposi e tutti i parenti e amici che hanno condiviso con noi questo giorno unico.


There is little to say, perfect photo shoot. I want to congratulate and thank the whole group of photographers and video makers, especially Giuseppe who coordinated everything very well.


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