I am a Reportage Wedding Photographer, so I will be among your guests, capturing their natural emotions and actions. For me, a real moment beats a scenic photograph a hundred times.

About Rotondo Studio

Behind The Name

Since childhood, I have always had a great passion for photography. I was fascinated by the way images could capture a moment and make it come alive forever. As I grew up, this passion turned into a real profession.

When I decided to open my photography studio, I looked for a name that was both simple and meaningful. I wanted it to represent my vision of photography, which is an art capable of telling stories.

The name “Rotondo Studio” came to me one evening while watching my cat play. Mia is a round and affectionate cat who always makes me smile.

The name “Rotondo” is a reference to my last name, which is Rotondo. It is a name that has always made me feel proud of my roots and inspired me to create a photography studio that would be a landmark for the community.

My photography studio is a place where people can feel at home. It is a place where they can share their love story and find a memory that will last forever.

I hope you enjoy this story. It is a story about me, my passion for photography and my love for life.

Reportage and Editorial Photography

To photograph is to recognise an event in the same instant and in a fraction of a second, it is the rigorous structure of the forms perceived with the gaze that express and signify this event. It is to put the mind, the eyes and the heart on the same line. It is a way of life. It is not the simple photography that interests me. What I want is to capture that minute, part of reality.

” Technique can be learned, but flair is a gift “

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Our wedding coordinator recommended Giuseppe and we could not have been happier! Giuseppe and his team were an absolute joy to work with! They made us feel comfortable throughout the entire day without too many staged photos. Giuseppe is a storyteller. He has a way of capturing the essence of the day --the magic, intimacy and love of such a special day.

Sarah & Luke | From Philadelphia | USA

Giuseppe managed photos for my wedding and it was amazing ? he was kind, patient and professional. He is talented, our pictures were natural and beautiful, i recommand him strongly ☺️

Zineb, From MOROCCO

For our wedding we could not have chosen a better photographer, all with attention to the smallest details, very high quality, an exceptional staff, all very kind. ... I would have chosen for another 1000 times !!!


There is little to say, perfect photo shoot. I want to congratulate and thank the whole group of photographers and video makers, especially Giuseppe who coordinated everything very well.


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